03 December 2007

About SEE Turtles

SEEturtles.org links people with sea turtle sites in ways that directly support efforts to protect sea turtles, while increasing resources in communities to help residents thrive and value sea turtles in their environment.

Conservation tourism goes beyond the ecotourism mantra of not impacting the environment that tourists visit and suggests that tourists should make an impact a positive one through conservation tourism. Through conservation tourism we support communities protecting sea turtles by increasing the income needed for local conservation efforts, providing economic alternatives to end threats to sea turtles and inspiring travelers to take a more active role in protecting sea turtles.

SEEturtles.org provides turtle watching guidelines to partners located in international communities offering conservation tourism to reduce negative impacts on turtles and the host community.

The campaign helps to inspire travelers who visit SEEturtles.org locations by experiencing an authentic, environmentally-responsible tour. SEEturtles.org helps travelers use their vacation dollars to make a difference for sea turtles and for the livelihood of community residents who protect them.

SEEturtles.org is a member of the following travel associations:

Sustainable Travel International