31 March 2009

Turtle Poem

As I finished presenting to a 5th grade class at a school near of Seattle yesterday, an especially enthusiastic young student approached to show me the poem she wrote during the talk. Having no poetic skills, I was especially impressed with her skill and wanted to share it:

Turtles by Chance J:

Some turtles are big
Some turtles are small
Some turtles are nothing at all

Some live in water
Some live in sand
Some like it hotter

Some nest alone
Some nest together
The eggs are as light as a feather

They walk very slow
Slower than most
Watching them walk is like a slow show

Baby turtles are cute
As cute as a button
Even though they are mute
As mute as mutton

-Brad Nahill

28 March 2009

Seeing is Believing: Conservation Tourism and Saving Sea Turtles

April 27th at 7pm

New England Aquarium
(Central Wharf, Boston) Google Map
Harborside Learning Lab
One Central Wharf, Boston Ma 02011

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, biologist, researcher, author

There are few experiences as joyful and inspiring as seeing a sea turtle in the wild. Conservation tourism provides a way to understand and protect endangered species and places. Join marine biologist "J" Nichols on a fascinating journey through his team's efforts to restore endangered Pacific sea turtles.

The New England Aquarium will host a series of educational lectures and films delivered by well respected colleagues, scientists, professors and biologists from various aquatic fields.


Once you have reservations, you can still click Sign Me Up to increase or decrease the number of people in your party (subject to availability).

26 March 2009

More funding for turtles and other critters

Please take a minute to visit our friends at the Caribbean Conservation Corporation to voice your support for increased funding for international wildlife conservation. The US Fish & Wildlife Department helps to fund international programs for endangered species including tigers, rhinos, sea turtles, and migratory birds. These funds go a long way to preventing extinction in the wild.

National Geographic's Top Outfitters on Earth

In the second round of National Geographic magazine's rating of adventure travel companies, three companies supporting SEE Turtles were among the best. The top slot went to Wildland Adventures with a rating of 97.17 and Earthwatch Institute was in the top 20 with 94.4. Journey Mexico made the list with a rating of 86.67 (their turtle trip is featured!). Find the full list of operators here.

Congratulations to these wonderful operators, we are proud to work with you!

20 March 2009

Volunteers back from Gandoca

We just heard from a couple of volunteers just getting back from working with leatherback turtles in Gandoca, Costa Rica. Here are some thoughts and pictures:

From Alex:
The time I spent in Gandoca with the WIDECAST program was truly a peak experience. Our homestay family welcomed us into their home with wonderful food and lodging. The training we received from the staff was illuminating and gave me a greater appreciation for the status of marine turtles in general and the Leatherback in particular. But the beach patrols were the true high point: to have the opportunity to witness these incredible animals nesting on the same beaches where they themselves were born was simply breathtaking. I feel very lucky to have participated in this work.

From Lindsay:
It was definitely hard work walking the beach in the middle of the night but it paid off when we caught our first glimpse of the Leatherback's speckled face under moonlight. They are majestic creatures and it was humbling to be in their presence. We felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to assist them in some small way. I'll carry that first glance of the Leatherback with me forever.

In addition to the turtle watching our days in Gandoca were another highlight of our time in Costa Rica. The Gandoca community is extremely dedicated to their conservation mission and they run a professional program to ensure everyone is well-trained in safety and ethical rules before participating in patrol. Beyond the training the community members welcomed us into their homes, taught us to cook, and challenged us to a game of soccer. They make a real effort to welcome volunteers into the community and our experience was all the richer for it.

18 March 2009

Turtle Hero Wins Blue Vision Youth Award

Turtle Hero Wins Blue Vision Youth Award

March 8, 2009

Washington, DC. Hundreds of Blue Visionaries gathered in the nation’s capital to build on the movement to protect the world’s ocean, share the latest in ocean research, conservation successes and political and media strategies and honor some ocean champions. Among those honored was Zander Srodes, an 18 year old sea turtle hero who has tirelessly
worked on the endangered animals’ behalf since he was eleven.
Zander’s accomplishment include giving countless presentations to school groups, authoring a free kids’ book in two languages with 100,000 copies in print , guiding youth to see turtles first hand, and raising over $150,000 for the cause, all donated to worthy conservation projects.

Zander was presented with the Peter Benchly Blue Vision Youth Award by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, founder of Ocean Revolution. The award is named after the famed author of Jaws. Benchly was a staunch ocean advocate and avid waterman.

“We need to help young people to fall in love with nature, eventhough it may break their hearts. Zander is an example of what can happen when one’s passion for the ocean is ignited,” said Dr. Nichols.

The Blue Vision Summit, founded by David Helvarg, is held in Washington, D.C. each year. Other presenters included Phillipe Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Bill McKibben, Representative Sam Farr, Ocean Artist Wyland and author Carl Safina.

Blue Vision Summit
More information on Zander

17 March 2009

Conservation Photography

Our good friend Neil Osborne, who took most of the beautiful photographs on the SEE Turtles site, is working overtime to promote the concept of "conservation photography." Like conservation tourism, conservation photography aims to inspire people to take action to protect wildlife, though through still images as opposed to travel.

Help him out by heading over the Name Your Dream Assignment website, sign up for an account (very quick), and voting for his entry. http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/neilosborne/what-is-conservation-photography/

If Neil wins, he will focus on:
- Deforestation in the Amazon Basin
- Climate Change in the Polar Regions
- Marine Pollution from Plastics in the Pacific
- Warfare in Biodiversity Hotspots
- Vanishing Cultures